ACG Standard Audit Software with Tips Guide (ENGLISH Only)

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This software is for any Planned Giving Officer/Gift Planner who would like to benchmark their Charitable Planned Giving Program and Business. This software contains 13 categories with 78 elements that make up a robust Planned Giving Program. The software offers you the ability to self-select your charitable organization type from a drop-down list of ten (10) types within the industry. As you make your assessments the software reveals colourful graphs showing comparisons to 'best practice' and 'like-type-peers' and gives you an overall summary of your audit once it's completed. You will be able to download a PDF report of the audit, and a summary of the assessments made by category breakdown. There are helpful embedded directions within each category as you 'hover' over the category; these directions provide you with guidance on making assessments. We have also included a four (4) page User Tips Guide to help you navigate the software.

NOTE: You will need MS Excel and PowerPoint 2003 or later plus Adobe Reader installed on your system in order to use this software and open the Tips Guide.